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GoddessMistress Taylor offers BDSM, bondage, Femdom, Dominatrix, Financial Domination, Mother, Fetish, Domme and many other services in the Sarasota and Central Florida area Introduction email:

The correct way to make first contact with Me:

In order to receive My serious consideration for a session, you must submit a written request that is well thought out and concise. If I deem your introduction to be sincere and you have followed My instructions exactly, I will respond with an "Informational email". This email will contain My tribute structure along with details for submitting the required $100 Tribute in order to proceed with a Phone Interview.

I will reply only to the email address from where the introduction was received. I receive session requests ranging in style from offensive one-liners to multiple page ramblings about almost every topic imaginable. If you wish your introduction to be read by Me, take the time to send a thoughtful request while following the instructions given below.


1) Your first and last name (real or not) for My identification purposes. It is very important you correspond with Me using whatever name you initially contact me with. Remember, I have dozens of people named "John" or "Bob" and so on. It wastes My time to try and figure out who's emails are from who when the senders do not clearly identify themselves.

2) City/Town/State/Country which you reside. 3) A telephone number where I can discreetly contact you. 4) Your desired date(s) and time(s) for a session. 5) Your level of experience, including type(s) of training received and who you have served. For example, occasional play with a personal partner, full-time service to a spouse, professional sessions, etc. 6) A written explanation specifying what interests you hope to pursue with me. Please be exceedingly honest and mention our "hard limits". 7) Any health problems and/or limitations 8) Explain how you found My website.

Send to:

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I am extremely discerning about who I invite into My service and My life. My screening process is designed to provide a higher level of confidence in regard to our mutual safety and compatibility than what a quick text message a few hours before we meet can offer. My screening process should not be difficult for those possessing at least an average level of intelligence, and it weeds out the disingenuous, hesitant and inept.

1) The first step of the process is to submit the required "introduction email" and be prepared to patiently wait. 2) If your introduction meets with My approval, I will reply within a few days depending on My schedule. If I did not respond to your "Introduction email" within a month, you have either failed to follow My instructions or their may be a chance I did not receive your email. You should review it and resend it. 3) If you wish to proceed after reading My "Informational email" you must send an appropriate replay and submit the $100 non-refundable Tribute for our Phone Interview.

Also note:

My schedule is between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm eastern standard time. Calls are scheduled in advance and take notes if you are granted a phone interview. Once I have received your $100, our Phone Interview must happen within 30 days or your tribute is forfeited. After 30 days you must resend another $100 to schedule another call.

If our first session together is mutually satisfying, it will be easier to schedule future appointments with Me. However, I recommend as much notice as possible when booking with Me as I often start planning sessions months in advance.

 I enjoy meeting people with complementary passions and goals within the realm of Domination and Submission, BDSM, femdom, fetish and role play scenarios. I look forward to your successful completion of My screening process.


Proper Protocol:

When in the presence of or corresponding with
Goddess Mistress Taylor:

Session Rules:
Our time together will be much more enjoyable and simpler for you if you learn them. Commit them to memory and you will know exactly what to do and say in MY presence, unless instructed otherwise by Me.

Your sole purpose is to please, entertain, serve and obey Me. Consider this an honor and privilege never to be taken for granted. You will address Me as "Goddess Mistress" or "Mistress". Always arrive on time, clean and well groomed for every visit with Me. Do not overuse cologne -- it is My preference you wear none.

Mutual trust between us is essential -- you are trusting Me with your mind and body and I must trust that you take care of yourself and are prepared to receive whatever I give you during our time together. Once again, arrive on time for your session.

After instructing you when you first arrive in what I wish you to do you will greet Me properly. You must demonstrate good manners and proper etiquette in My presence. Saying "Please" and "Thank You" is expected when addressing Me. This is how you request permission to speak (or do anything else): "Mistress, may I please have permission to speak....or...????" When spo9ken to, your replies should be honest and never what you think I want to hear. Do not respond to My questions with the phrase "I'm Sorry" because it is not an answer. Submissives who are unable to communicate what it is they are looking for will not be tolerated. Be mindful of what it is you are wishing to achieve during our time together and pay attention to what comes out of your mouth.


Our First Session:

Follow this explanation of how to contact Me,
Goddess Mistress Taylor,
for the first time in regard to booking a BDSM, FemDomme (Female Domination), and/or fetish session with Me in South Central Florida. If you request a session and you do not follow precisely the instructions given on this page, your introduction email will be ignored. Once you have enjoyed a successful first-time session together, it will be easier and quicker for you to book future sessions with Me.


GoddessMistress Taylor offers BDSM, bondage, Femdom, Dominatrix, Financial Domination, Mother, Fetish, Domme and many other services in the Sarasota and Central Florida area


With the face of an Angel and the cruel cold calculating heart of a Dominatrix,

Goddess Mistress Taylor

wields whips, chains, and more to force connoisseurs of BDSM into submission!! Well versed in all aspects of Domination, She is a role play specialist extraordinaire able to act out your most private fantasies. A petite 34DD Goddess Mistress Taylor will bring you to your knees!!!!!!!

Specializing in:

 - CORRUPTER of the corruptible
 - ENCOURAGER of weakness

 - PEDAGOGUE for novices
 and so, so, so much more!

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